Micranthemum Micranthemoides (Pearl Weed) Tissue Culture

Micranthemum Micranthemoides - Tissue Culture Cup - Aquarium Plants Factory
Micranthemum Micranthemoides - Tissue Culture Cup - Aquarium Plants Factory
Micranthemum Micranthemoides - Tissue Culture Cup - Aquarium Plants Factory
Micranthemum Micranthemoides / Pearl Weed | APF Tissue Culture Cup Aquarium Plants Factory®
Micranthemum Micranthemoides / Pearl Weed | APF Tissue Culture Cup Aquarium Plants Factory®
Micranthemum Micranthemoides / Pearl Weed | APF Tissue Culture Cup Aquarium Plants Factory®
Micranthemum Micranthemoides / Pearl Weed - Tissue Culture Cup - Aquarium Plants Factory
Micranthemum Micranthemoides / Pearl Weed - Tissue Culture Cup - Aquarium Plants Factory

Micranthemum Micranthemoides (Pearl Weed) Tissue Culture

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Micranthemum Micranthemoides, also known as Baby Tears, Pearl Grass, or Pearl Weed, is a popular aquatic plant widely used in aquariums. Renowned for its delicate appearance and versatility, this plant is a favorite among aquarists looking to create lush, green landscapes in their tanks.

Key Features

  • Scientific Name: Micranthemum Micranthemoides
  • Common Names: Baby Tears, Pearl Grass, Pearl Weed
  • Family: Linderniaceae
  • Leaf Color: Bright green
  • Growth Form: Compact, bushy

Unique Characteristics

Micranthemum Micranthemoides is often compared to Hemianthus Callitrichoides due to its similar appearance. However, it features larger leaves and grows taller, making it an excellent choice for various aquascaping applications. Its bright green, pointed leaves form dense clusters that can create beautiful carpeted foregrounds or lush midground areas in aquariums.

Ideal Conditions

To thrive, Micranthemum Micranthemoides requires specific conditions:

  • Light: Moderate to high intensity
  • CO2: Beneficial but not essential
  • Substrate: Nutrient-rich substrate preferred
  • Water Temperature: 22-28°C (72-82°F)
  • pH Range: 5.0-7.5

Care and Maintenance

This plant is relatively easy to care for and is suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists:

  • Lighting: Ensure moderate to high light levels to promote healthy growth.
  • CO2 Injection: Regular CO2 supplementation can enhance growth and overall health.
  • Trimming: Regular trimming helps maintain its compact form and encourages bushier growth.
  • Fertilization: Occasional fertilization supports vibrant growth and health.

Aquascaping Uses

Micranthemum Micranthemoides is highly versatile and can be used in various ways:

  • Foreground Plant: Ideal for creating a dense, green carpet in the foreground.
  • Midground Plant: Adds depth and texture to the midground area of your aquarium.
  • Accent Plant: Can be used as a focal point in aquascapes.

Its bright green leaves provide excellent contrast and visual interest, making it a great choice for both Dutch and Nature-style aquascapes.

Comparison with Micranthemum Umbrosum

It's important to note that Micranthemum Micranthemoides is different from Micranthemum Umbrosum (Giant Baby Tears). While they belong to the same family, Micranthemum Umbrosum has round leaves, whereas Micranthemum Micranthemoides has pointed leaves when fully submerged and growing underwater.


Propagation of Micranthemum Micranthemoides is simple and effective. This plant propagates through stem cuttings. Simply cut a healthy stem and replant it in the substrate, where it will develop roots and grow into a new plant.

Micranthemum Micranthemoides is a must-have for any aquarist looking to enhance their aquarium with a versatile and eye-catching plant. Its ability to form dense carpets or lush midground areas, combined with its bright green leaves, makes it a standout choice for creating a beautiful, natural underwater landscape.

  • Sold as a Tissue Culture plants with vitamin liquid/gel
  • Packaging May Vary! To be sent in either in vitro bag or cup
  • Package size: Approx. 4 inches
  • Sustainable growth aquatic plants species
  • Great value! Many small plants in the package
  • Tissue Culture Technology | 100% Free from Snail, Algae, Pathogen, and Bacteria plus Extended Shelf Life on all in Vitro Plants

      Disclaimer: Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be free of pests, and pesticides, grow emerged or submerge.

      Scientific Name

      Micranthemum micranthemoides

      Common Name

      Pearlweed, Pearl Grass, Baby Tears

      Plant Type

      Stem plants


      Foreground to Background



      Growth Rates


      Difficulty Level


      Nutrient Substrate


      Can it grow emerged?


      Lighting Requirements

      Medium - High

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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 8 reviews
            axl knickerbocker
            nicely packed container and lots of plants!

            the container came stocked with lots of plants and they all look very healthy and green! very happy with my purchase

            Cassandra Shearer

            Arrived very healthy and appropriately packaged! Very nice

            Healthy Plants and Plentiful

            Received healthy plants and they were jam packed in tissue cup. Would definitely recommend.

            Great value

            The tissue cultured pearl weed came in great shape and was jam packed with plants. I was very happy with this product.

            Pearl Weed

            Fast shipping, very healthy upon arrival, looks incredible

            Nicholas Mudge
            Quality product

            Quick delivery, generous portion and very green and healthy. Very happy.

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