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Bucephalandra Red Phantom
Jonelle DeFelice
Pretty little plants!

My plants arrived about one month ago, and are still alive, though there was a little melting at first. But they are very pretty little plants. I like the contrast between the red stems and green leaves. I hope they stay alive, as I am teaching myself the hobby on a tiny budget and it stinks when I loose plants!

Amazing plants came in great and also wonderful size!

Spiky Moss
Jorge Sanchez
Great Products and good shipping

The buying process was good and got a good discount too.
the plans arrived timely and in good condition.

I highly recommend them!

Ludwigia Rubin
Stan Cummings (8041949)

prompt delivery and excellent product. Stems with substantial root growth.

Green Tiger Lotus and water Wisteria

The nicest and most healthy water wisteria ever. They are doing so well I ordered more to place in my low tech tanks. The Green Tiger Lotus always have sprouted leaves in good condition when I receive them. I like them better than the red Tiger Lotus.

Healthy bulb though it is growing slower than expected

My bulb arrived at the end of January. No rot, with the beginning of leaves peeking out. I placed it in my betta's little tank. Nothing much happened for a while, though, so I moved it into my plant-test-tank, which has more steady light. It has now been a month, and its growing better, though not very fast. It still looks healthy, so the bulb itself is fine, it is ME that's the problem! :-)

Came in healthy and great BUT…

This is my 4th order with APF and they always do a wonderful job with shipping. Everything came in healthy and I have no complaints.

That being said, please read the description of this plant before ordering. It is not a fully aquatic plant (and it clearly states it in the description, I just didn’t read it before buying) and I’m not sure how well it will do if you’re intending to grow it fully submersed. Mine have already lost a lot of leaves and aren’t looking the best.

All of that being said, I take responsibility for not reading and understanding this particular plant before buying and will just simply order some others from APF should these plants fail and I have the need.

Anubias Nana
Andrew Yeats
Doing well!

First time with Anubias but not my first time ordering with APF. They’ve yet to let me down. Everything came in healthy, looked great and continues to grow in and look wonderful in my tank. Will be back!

As always, came very well packaged and healthy!

4th order from APF and everything was healthy and great as usual. The plants are melting back as expected with crypts but I can see new leaves coming in so I expect them to do great!

Anubias Congensis
Andrew Yeats
Came healthy perfect!

Came in very well packaged and healthy looking. This is my first time growing but it seems to be doing great so far!

Vallisneria Torta
Andrew Yeats
Healthy and already sending runners!

As per usual, my valis as well as everything else ordered came in perfectly fine. Very well packed and in great condition!

Cryptocoryne Pink Flamingo Tissue Culture
CHAD CARREON (chadcarreon2021)
Healthy tissue culture

These are very sturdy and healthy plants. No die-off nor snail interest. They’re coloring up very nicely under my hygger lights. Pricy, but worth it!

e / Eleocharis Pusilla Tissue Culture

Came in a timely manner and plants were very well wrapped best thing no snails and plants look good so far.

Bucephalandra Species on Coco Pad [Grower's Choice]
Harry Jade Bienvenu (hotwheels430)
Stars count

Ordered five for $100 on Ebay and three were great, two of them only had a few leaves,mostly rhizome attached to coco pad… Will have to wait for those 2 to grow in grow in.

Guppy Grass
Sandy CNY
Guppy grass perfection

I purchased the Guppy Grass buy get one free. The 3 individual sealed Guppy Grass packs arrived with 25, five to six inch stems, bright green and healthy! Hitchhiking Snails were not in the packages. I am very happy with the purchase. I hope my guppies will find the guppy grass just as appealing.


APF CONSISTENTLY delivers the best quality plants! I've ordered many, many plants from these guys and they are always the best, healthiest, highest quality plants, regardless of whether they're easy, low light plants or high light, bathed in CO2 to survive plants, they're always thriving in my tanks. This crypt is no exception. Healthy roots, corms and leaves. Just impeccable quality!!

Ludwigia Super Red
Jennifer Kinsella
Healthy and Lovely

Arrived in great condition, and some even came with small roots. They are in the emerged form, but should convert successfully given the fast, great shipping experience + I’ll take good care of them!

Happy Purchase

Received the plants in excellent condition despite the very cold weather and the long trip to the east coast. The plants are in its emerged form, but confident they’ll convert successfully.

Alternanthera Rosanervig Mini Tissue Culture
These were great

Exactly as expect and easy to plant, the color is even better in person. This is a great culture and high quality plant.

Rotala Macrandra
Andrew Gasdia (andregasdi-0)

Plants arrived fast and in great shape. Definitely order again.

Phoenix Moss (Fissidens Fontanus)
Joseph Nemec (lometa1)

Super healthy plants.

Hygrophila Corymbosa Tissue Culture
Cathy Miller
Thrilled with my tissue culture plants!!

My plants arrived securely packaged and wrapped in layers of insulation. They are strong, healthy plants with well developed roots. They look beautiful in my aquarium! And no signs of melting so far.
I sent an email question to APF before I placed my order and received a quick reply, which I really appreciated. Care was put into my order even though it was a small order, which says a lot about this company. My first order definitely won't be my last. Thank you!

Great condition, it just didn’t end up well for me

Plants came in great! But they all melted in a matter of 3 days in a well established tank :/

Awesome plants

This was my first time ordering from this company, but everything came in, packaged beautifully and healthy. I left them in water for about a week before I could get to plant them on my driftwood. They lasted greatly and look great. Can’t wait to see they look like as they get larger.

Awesome plants

This was my first time ordering from this company, but everything came in, packaged beautifully and healthy. I left them in water for about a week before I could get to plant them on my driftwood. They lasted greatly and look great. Can’t wait to see they look like as they get larger.