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Unique and underrated buce

Now this is a bucephalandra that you don’t see every day. The leaves are unique. It’s short and has a pointy shape. I believe APF is the only store carrying it. Because of its miniature size, it should look amazing with a group of them setup like a carpet plant or wedge between tight places.

Best plants I have ever purchase.
Healthily and packaged with care

Amazing little shrimp!

I bought a pack of 5 shrimp and love the variety! They came well packaged, healthy and on time. They’re also very vibrant! I will definitely buy more in the future

Ordered anubias pinto, received mini

Somewhat disappointed. A few weeks ago I ordered the regular sized version of this plant, and the pictures on the site showed a plant about the size of a large fist. I received a laughably small plant, definitely closer to the pictures shown for the mini. When I asked them about it they gave me an answer about "seasonal size variations." But now when I came back to their site it appears the regular size anubias pinto has been taken down and only the mini version remains. If they had two different versions and they sent me the mini instead they could have just told me it was a mistake. Nice looking plant but I specifically wanted the larger size.

Great quality, love the unique look

My pot had a couple small plants with really great roots. Beautiful plants and 3 months later there have been several new leaves even on the one I put in a small low light aquarium off to edge where I can easily see its beauty!

Mother plants are huge

I tried buying mother plants from another website before and they were just 3 plants bundled in one. The mother plant from here was one giant plant. Amazing!!!

Very small

I bought these seeing the picture they showed on the description. I got a very tiny slimy plant no bigger than my palm. Not the four inches in the pic. The other plants I got were very nice

Ludwigia sp. White
Darren Berrong
Plants look very healthy!

Plants arrived quickly and were well packaged. I purchased the buy 2 get one free fresh cut plant. There was at least 7 or 8 in each bag although the sites says approximately 6. They did send more so I appreciated that. This is a very hard plant to find and I'm very happy with the quality I received. I can't wait for them to transform into their submersed state.

Cryptocoryne petchii 'Pink'

Been about a month since ive gotten my crypt petchiis, they were small, but looked healthy, all 3 of them survived and have started growing new leaves.

Anubias Jalapeno
Abir Sinha
Plant is tiny

Plant arrived in good condition but very tiny not variegated. Better of buying regular anubias, not worth 20 dollars.

hard journey

Received 11 prawns, 1 dead on arrival. 24 hours is enough to kill 5 cats. Not sure what the problem is, my water quality is fine.

Buce platinum

I ordered 2 got 1 free, plenty of buce to go around! Stunning plant, arrived healthy, and packaged nicely!

Love em

People mostly speak of how to get these to stay submerged, but I washed the gel off and plopped them right in as is and they've been floating around happily ever since. Massive explosion in growth, about 50% increase per week with high light and co2. The culture separated into nice little individual grown-together clumps, and that's how they still are, only much larger. I had to trim them today after 3 weeks because they were becoming chunky light-hogs. Great floating plant solution without risking the introduction of unwanted algae or animal species.

A lovely little plant...

Recently bought 19 different cups from APF, planted every single one and they have *all* flourished, but I really wanted to drop a review for this one in particular, because oddly it has turned out to be my favorite. Truly a nano plant, it has barely grown at all in 4 weeks, but the purity of the white color is lovely, and has not faded. And the tiny little plants add such an eye-catching pop of white, when attached in a group to a piece of driftwood among a field of green... I just love them. Their slow-growing nature is a bonus as I will hopefully get to enjoy them in this state for months to come.

Carpeting nicely.

Arrived healthy with good roots. Spreading quickly and becoming a thick carpet. Pictures attached of when it was initially planted vs 3 weeks of growth. All plants pictures are from aquarium plants factory. I haven’t received a bad plant from them yet after two large orders.

Cute, unique little plant

They arrived healthy. They’ve been in my aquarium for about 3 weeks now and have already begun to grow. I love how unique this little plant is.


Very fluffy, green and healthy. Good sized portions. I used the moss to fill gaps between rocks in my hard scape.

So much better than expected!

These were so much bigger than I expected. Really healthy plants with large rhizomes and lots of roots. Thank you!

Trust the Reviews!

I purchased for the first time with APF, I have to say that all the reviews are spot on. Everything came in very quickly and all my plants look amazing. I am so excited to see my Alternanthera Rosanervig grow in the tank. The shrimp are already interested in their new addition.

decent plant, not the deep purple kind tho

high tech tank. (high light, co2, twice a week fert), if you look to the left, i even get the ludwigia white to have a strong white/pink coloration after 3 weeks (still transitioning). this bacopa plant is healthy, the top will turn to light pink color, but cant get it to show a strong purple hue. i think there is a different purple variant that has much deeper color from leaves to the stem.

Healthy Plants

Moss arrived healthy and looked exactly like it did in the picture. I got the ones in the bag. I didn't realize their would be 3 plants instead of one, but I would've split up a bigger plant for more coverage anyways, and these were the perfect size for using fishing line to attach to an aquarium decoration. The jelly was really easy to remove and the plants were easy to separate without too much tangling or tearing of the leaves or roots.

Large, healthy plants

Arrived safe with large, healthy leaves. The picture they use for the listing does not do it justice. Most of the fronds on the plant I received were already 2-4 inches long. The coco pad made planting super easy as well. I was nervous ordering plants online but I'm very pleased and will definitely order from this site again in the future.

Red Tiger Lotus.

Received the three bulbs as part of an order which arrived quickly. All three small bulbs appear healthy and one of them has already sprouted growth after 2 days in aquarium. Looking forward to the plants maturing. Very pleased with all plants in this order.

Crinum Calamistratum

Received this plant as part of a larger order. All the plants in order arrived in a timely manner and all appear very healthy. The Crinum was of a good size and appears very robust with dark green leaves. I was especially pleased with this plant that is going into an angelfish/tetra tank. I am so pleased with this plant that I will most likely order at least one more for another tank I am in process of setting up. Thanks to the staff at APF for quick delivery of good products!

Crypt Petchi Pink

Received the Petchi Pink in timely manner. Although plants were small they appear very healthy, have an attractive color with good roots. Planted in tank that I am hoping will mature into a "jungle" type aquascape. I am very satisfied with the order.