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Anubias Butterfly
Sebastian Specht
Excellent plants, as usual

See the email and video I sent

Just as good as the first one

I got one of the bigger ones in my first order. Decided on some more plants and couldn’t resist adding the small one to my cart. These are my favorite plants in my tank!

Such cute tiny plants!

Arrived healthy! Hoping they do well in my tank

Beautiful plant!

Such a vibrant green and a generous size plant. Very happy

Great purchase

These emersed Mermaid Weed stem cuttings came as expected and on time. Many stem cuttings and packaged well. Thank you!

Arrived in good condition

Nothing to complain about here

Anubias Nana
Huston Moore
Very nice colors

Can't wait to add to my tank

Cabomba Aquatica
Huston Moore
Arrived in good condition

Packaged nicely and looks great

Dwarf Hairgrass Mini
Huston Moore
Arrived in good condition

Looks healthy just wish you received a little bigger amount

Looks good can wait to plant it

Arrived in good condition and received decent amount

Arrived quickly and looks great

Arrived in good condition and received decent amount


The only thing is I wish they came in sealed plastic cups and not in plastic baggies. but besides that beautiful plant and I will definitely be coming back for more. thanks


Plant came in perfect condition. Couldn’t be more satisfied

Nice little Plant

Healthy looking plant, love the small size.

Nice little plants

I look forward to using these in my tank. I only received 5.

Nice sized Portion

Generous sized portion. Looks a little brown around the edges, but hopefully it will perk up. Very cool looking plant.

Very Nice

Plant looks great, healthy and a good size.

One leaf each

Each piece had one leaf and a very tiny piece of rizome. I guess this will be a slow process to grow a full plant. I knew I was getting bare root, but I expected a plant, not just seperate leaves.

Very good

Crypt Parva Mini arrived very healthy, in larger quantity than I hoped for, and quicker than anticipated. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Favorite for aquatic plants

Best seller of fresh, healthy aquatic plants!

Favorite for aquatic plants

Best seller of fresh, healthy aquatic plants for my water garden!

Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis Tissue Culture
Sequoia Carpenter (elisabethan8)
Just as advertised

The plants arrived on time and in good condition. A bit smaller than I expected, but nice roots, so I expect they will grow into beautiful plants.

Very pleased

Good price. Came on time. Plants healthy … way better 5han others. Great planting instructions.

Nymphaea August Koch
Trang Bogart

Very nice

Very nice