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Java Fern
Daria Lemons
Quality PLants

1st time buyer (though not last!) - I ordered the java fern on the buy 2 get 1 deal. APF delivered plants of great quality that were as large as described. No pests that I could see (although I personally am ok with snails) That said I do currently have them in the quarantine tank. If you have been hesitant to make a purchase rest assured that these guys live up to their word. Even though my plants sat over the weekend (my fault for ordering so late in the week) They still arrived today looking in perfect health!

Micro Sword
John S.
Great Buy!

I ordered this fairly recently and bought the rooted bunch.I was amazed by the quality.I will definitely be buying more in the near future.

would recommend

This was my first time purchasing plants online.I am new to the hobby.I bought the fresh cut plants.My ratings would be higher if I knew some of the plants that were shipped.I know these are beginner friendly plants but I have never seen one of them during my research.(If anybody is the green plant shown below)It also doesn't help that in the description it has plant names and then “ect”.My shipment came in fast and I was satisfied.I just wish there could’ve been a description on what I exactly received.Other than that I was satisfied with the quality of product and will definitely be buying here again.

They are Saururus Cernuus (Lizard's Tail)

Great colors

I love all the shrimp they looked healthy. Very disappointed I received 7 instead of 10.

Alternanthera Rosanervig Tissue Culture
Lillian LeBlanc
Beautiful plant

What a lovely addition to the aquarium. This little plant is vivid red and quite healthy. It arrived in beautiful condition, easily separated into 5 parts.

Thank you, Aquarium Plants Factory for the consistently high quality plants and excellent service.

Banana Lily
Lillian LeBlanc
Happy Bananas!

Very pleased with my purchase, ordered 3 and received 4 healthy banana plants. They arrived in great shape despite the summer heatI'm always pleased with the quality and speed of service from Aquarium Plants Factory.

Sent picture got it straight from the mailman's hand. Horrible rhizome rot. Sent email waiting to get feedback

Alternanthera Rosanervig 'Mini'

These are by far the most gorgeous, vibrant plants in my tank, and I love them! Each order I make from APF just gets better and better!

Pink Echinodorus!

This is one of my favorite echinodorus thanks to APF. I can't wait to watch these beauties settle in and grow!

Lovely Moss

The Christmas moss I recieved is bouncing back nicely from shipping, and my shrimp couldn't be happier with it. Thanks APF!

Pretty, Healthy Little Plants

These are so pretty. Everything was packaged well, and so far looks amazing! As always, a great transaction!

Juncus Repens
Beautiful Repens!

This is perfect for my new shrimp tank. Arrived alive and healthy. Can't wait to watch it grow!

Rotala Florida Tissue Culture
Julian Resurreccion
5 star to be visible

This cup used to be called rotala sunset. I complained that its florida and it wasnt sunset. APF even made a video only showing emersed form. Now its rotala florida. Jist ridiculous.

Great Plants

Pleased with these, this is one of several bare rooted plants after ~6-8 months of emersed growth that just got transplanted into a terrarium. One head has turned into a well-rooted stem with half a dozen growth points and the variegation is quite stable. They arrived robust didn’t experience any acclimation shock or melt, and they’ve all grown quite steadily since receiving them

Growing beautifully!

This is a very stunning plant and I will be ordering more. Beautiful!

Beautiful plant!

I am very happy with all of the plants I received from APF! They are very healthy and growing well! Thank you!

1st order perfect

Plant was huge and healthy and free of snails/ pests! First order and extremely pleased. Will order again

Beautiful plants!

I am very happy with these beautiful plants and will be buying more in the future! They are all in such good shape and do so well once planted in my tanks! Thank you APF!

Not what I expected

Like always received healthy, pest free plants. For some reason I was expecting this plant to be like a sword with a root base, a stalk, then leaves at top. What I got was more like a stem plant. It had roots along stem. Wasn't really sure how to plant it so just went for it. Ordered 2, received 3 but I think one could probably be divided into a 4th plant. Much smaller than i expected. Leaves are really neat and color is dense. Will be interesting to see how these progress as I think they are supposed to get large.

Can't wait for it to mature

Very happy! I ordered one of these and received two. The color is so pretty and bright, can't even describe it. Will definitely add contrast in my mostly dark green/red tank. Little more delicate leaves than I would have expected for the size and shape of them. One leaf had a couple brown spots. The rest of the plant looked great. Very healthy and no pests. Wish u had bought another one so I could have gotten 3. Will definitely order again for my next tank setup. The only place I will buy plants from. I have never lost a plant from this company though some minimal transition melting does occur sometimes.


This plant was much more beautiful in person. So glad I bought 2 and got one free. Larger than I expected. Huge beautiful leaves. The color is amazing. Couldn't be more pleased. Definitely going to be eye catching focal point with 3 of these front and center in my new jungle tank.

Anubias Butterfly
Very happy

Beautiful plant! Way bigger than I expected. The roots looked trimmed and very healthy. Thriving in my tank so far. I attached to a rock with fishing line. Hopefully won't be too shadowed when my swords get big. No pests. I ordered over 100 dollars so I received free shipping. So worth it. I was able to spend the money on more plants and not waste it on shipping. This is my second time ordering from here and will never order from anyone else again. Always generous portions and often an extra plant thrown in. I have had nothing but top quality plants from here Definitely take advantage of the buy 2 get one free whenever possible. I didn't on this plant as I only wanted one but in hindsight wished i had anyway.

Red Tiger Lotus

All but one came in fine (leaves broke away from bulb). That's ok since the deal is buy two get one free. Looking very nice. Can't say much else.

The color on mine

Just a great crypt. Grown in a 5g cube with a surface skimmer only.

So nice and fresh plants~~~~~

I love ordering from APF, My Flamingo arrived in great shape and a generous portion size! 10/10 would recommend!