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    Riccia is a genus of aquatic liverworts that are popular among aquarium enthusiasts for their unique and attractive appearance. Riccia plants have thallus, a leaf-like structure that is divided into small, branching lobes.

    One of the most commonly available species is Riccia fluitans, also known as crystalwort or floating liverwort. Riccia fluitans is a floating plant that can be anchored to rocks or driftwood in an aquarium, where it will form a dense mat of green, branching fronds. It is often used in aquascaping to create a natural-looking carpet of vegetation, or to add texture and contrast to other plants.

    Riccia fluitans can be relatively demanding to grow, requiring bright lighting and a steady supply of nutrients. It can also be prone to algae growth if not kept in check. However, with proper care and maintenance, Riccia fluitans can be a stunning addition to an aquarium.

    In addition to its use in aquariums, Riccia fluitans is also used in the cultivation of bonsai trees and is sometimes used in traditional medicine as a remedy for liver and digestive disorders.

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    Riccia Fluitans Tissue Culture in Vitro Aquarium Plants Factory®
    Riccia Fluitans Tissue Culture Aquarium Plants Factory®
    Riccia Fluitans Tissue Culture
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