Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue

Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue - Aquarium Plants Factory
Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue - Aquarium Plants Factory
Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue - Aquarium Plants Factory
Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue - Aquarium Plants Factory

Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue

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Emersed Growth
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Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue is a stunning and highly sought-after aquatic plant that adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any aquarium. Known for its striking blue hues and delicate foliage, this plant is a favorite among aquascapers and hobbyists alike. With its easy care requirements and captivating appearance, Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue is the perfect addition to both beginner and advanced planted tanks.

Key Features of Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue

  1. Striking Blue Foliage: The most distinctive feature of Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue is its beautiful blue-tinted leaves. These iridescent leaves shimmer under aquarium lighting, creating a mesmerizing effect that enhances the visual appeal of any aquascape.

  2. Compact and Versatile: This plant has a compact growth habit, making it ideal for various aquascaping styles. It can be used as a foreground or midground plant, and its slow growth rate ensures it maintains its shape without frequent trimming.

  3. Easy to Care For: Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue is a hardy plant that thrives in a range of water conditions. It requires low to moderate lighting and can tolerate a variety of water parameters, making it suitable for both low-tech and high-tech setups.

  4. Unique Flowers: In addition to its striking foliage, Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue occasionally produces small, delicate flowers that add an extra layer of beauty to the aquarium. These flowers typically bloom above the water surface.

  5. Natural Habitat: This plant is native to the fast-flowing streams and rivers of Borneo, where it grows attached to rocks and submerged wood. This natural habitat makes it an excellent choice for replicating natural biotope aquariums.

Care Tips for Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue

  • Lighting: Low to moderate lighting is ideal for Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue. Too much light can lead to algae growth on its leaves, while too little light may reduce its vibrant coloration.
  • Water Conditions: This plant prefers water temperatures between 68-78°F (20-26°C) with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.5. It can thrive in both soft and moderately hard water.
  • Substrate: While Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue can be planted in substrate, it often does best when attached to rocks or driftwood, mimicking its natural growing conditions.
  • Fertilization: Regular fertilization with a balanced aquarium fertilizer will promote healthy growth and vibrant colors. CO2 supplementation can enhance growth but is not strictly necessary.
  • Propagation: This plant can be easily propagated by cutting and replanting its rhizomes. Ensure each cutting has a few leaves and roots for successful propagation.

Benefits of Adding Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue to Your Aquarium

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The unique blue coloration and compact growth of Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue create a striking focal point in any aquarium, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Habitat Enrichment: Provides natural hiding spots and surfaces for biofilm, benefiting fish and invertebrates.
  • Water Quality Improvement: Like other aquatic plants, Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue helps maintain water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and oxygenating the water.

Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue is a must-have for any aquarist looking to elevate the beauty and biodiversity of their aquarium. Its unique appearance, combined with its ease of care, makes it a standout choice for creating a vibrant and healthy underwater environment.

Sold as Bunched Plants or Potted Plants:

  • Bunched Plants: Approximately 1-2 plants bundled with a plant weight for easy placement.
  • Potted Plants: Approximately 1-2 plants potted in rockwool and a net pot for secure growth and easy placement.

Disclaimer: Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be free of pests, pesticides, grow emerged, or submerge. 

      Scientific Name

      Bucephalandra Alamanda Blue


      Buce, Bucep

      Common Name

      Buce Alamanda Blue



      Higher Classification


      Plant Type

      Rheophyte / Epiphyte


      Attachable to Driftwood, Stone, or Decor


      Not Required

      Growth Rates


      Difficulty Level


      Nutrient Substrate

      Not Required

      Can it grow emerged?


      Lighting Requirements

      Low - High


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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 14 reviews
            ASH CHOWDHURY
            Beefy and beautiful!!

            Larger than expected and It’s flowering. Beyond satisfied!!

            Excellent Buce

            Arrived healthy and beautiful!

            James Nguyen
            Beautiful and healthy plant

            Nice healthy plants. Thank you.

            Dave Hinch
            Nice color and value

            Ordered 3 of the Alamanda Blues and each bundle was actually 3 plants. Nice color and vigor. Great purchase.

            Baldwin Chong
            Alamanda Blue

            This is my first purchase from APF as well as the first time I'll have any Bucephalandra. Anyway, after doing some research on buceps, I converted a matured 50-Gallon tank to a holding tank (for the four sets of BUY2GET1FREE items labelled in the attached photo) as I'm cycling two other tanks that they'll be placed in. As this was my first purchase from APF, I didn't order all the plants that I intend to stock those other tanks with as I had no idea what condition their product would arrive in. However, based on the timeliness with which my order arrived, the obvious care with which the product was packaged, and the healthy plants (and extra plants) that I received, APF will now be my go-to plant supplier. As a matter of fact, I just ordered a few more buceps (Brownie Ghost).

            Details: I am located in the Seattle area of Washington state. I placed the order on Saturday, June 27, 2020. APF sent an acknowledgement email with the USPS tracking number which initially indicated a delivery date of Friday, July 3, 2020 but was updated a few days later to Thursday, July 2, 2020. Delivery was made shortly after noon on July 2 (according to the USPS tracking info) but I didn't realize that they had arrived until about 2.5 hours later when I received a delivery notification email from APF. I was worried that everything would be baked but after retrieving them from my mailbox, I was relieved to see that APF's packaging included heat shielding and all sets of packaged items were sealed in moisture-retaining, custom-sized, plastic bags. I took them inside and left them in a cool area of the living room where the holding tank is located as I was still doing work-related stuff. Finally got to them around 8 p.m., opened up all the sealed plastic bags, carefully removed each set of buceps from their foam and lead weights, inspected, rinsed and trimmed (minimal trimming was required), got the buckets I had with hardscape soaking... one with driftwood and the other with Seiryu... and started super gluing everything... also added a few Anubias Nana that I had on hand. Finished around 11 p.m., gave everything a once over, then placed them all in the holding tank.

            It's now 3 a.m. on Sunday, July 5, 2020 and I took the attached photo about 2 hours ago. Therefore, the buceps have been in the holding tank for a little over two days with no melting that I'm aware of. I'm totally satisfied with APF.

            Gorgeous plant!

            Love how the plants from this site are always in amazing health with absolutely no melt in the leaves. Even after 8 days of shipping!

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